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Periodic Inspection Completion Form

This data entry form is for HVAC/R equipment. Plus it can be used for other equipment as well. The data can be sent to your own database, currently set for Microsoft Excel, and can be sent to MS SQL, Pervasive SQL and others.

The picture above is a Air Handler made by Buffalo in 1890.

This process is very quick. The method outlined herein is intended to give your company a historical profile on each device. Keep in mind, that you will be able to retain information on your devices by control number. If you do not have a control number, ask your vendor for one. It is a unique alpha-numeric identifier like a social security number. This gives the owner of the devices control of information, even events that take place over time.

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Control number is assigned during the time of inventory management program.
UP = up and operational; NA = Not Available for Inspection; RA = Reassign Inspection.
Indicate here in COMMENTS, what was completed; parts needed; followup needed.
PW = Weekly; P1 = Monthly; PA = Annually; PS = Semiannually; PQ = Quarterly; P5 = 5 years; CM = Corrective Maintenance

The date assigned is found on your PM Schedule. This is critical that you use this date. The date completed in written directly to the form at the time of SUBMITTING this form.

Note: you will find this date on the PM Schedule.